Its really simple to create a creepypasta, crappypasta or fan fiction. Have you recently read creepypasta, fan fiction, or crappypasta? Was it scary, funny,etc? Wanna make one?

  1. Decide what your creepypasta will be about. An abandoned building? Use the Famous characters like Jeff the Killer? A failed experiment? A ghostly serial killer? A crazy person? There are many great topics for creepy pasta, and the possibilities are endless.
  2. Develop your characters and your setting. Remember that this is not a novel, so you don't have to be too in-depth.
  3. For creepypasta, a first-person narrative is usually the most effective. How will it begin? A dark, tall man lurking in the woods? A series of entries from a failed government project? A person going and purchasing a demonic doll that happens to like mutilating children? Usually, a more morbid beginning is better, but remember, there may be kids out there reading your pasta.
  4. Most first drafts aren't perfect. If you want your pasta to be successful, then editing is a must. Edit them once a day, re-read them and repeat the following day. Remember to look out for nasty grammar and spelling errors! So edit, edit, edit!
  5. Last but not least, Publish it when ready.

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